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We will captivate the minds of your children and teach them skills they thought they could never learn.

  • Girls Private Lessons
  • High School Onsite Training
  • Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility
  • Stunting/Flier Class
  • Tumbling
  • Tumbling Camp
  • Twisting


Tumbling Camps and other events that will tune your skills and prepare you for your next competition.  Camps when help athletes learn and improve their tumbling skills.


We will contract with your gym or school to provide single or re-occuring clinics.

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Dauntless Liability Waiver
LIABILITY WAIVER (Minor, under 18)


We visit gyms that are working to build a strong tumbling program and need help coaching their recreational tumbling. Note we do NOT coach cheer teams. If your cheer leaders take one of our recreational classes then we will help them improve their skills. Dauntless has no desire to start a cheer team but to help all cheer leaders and tumblers alike. The goal of Dauntless contracting service is to reach out and help as many athletes build their confidence and obtain the skills that they desire.
High School/ Jr. High Tumbling
We visit both High Schools and Jr. Highs to work with the athletes on their tumbling skills. We make sure that they are able to perform and execute the skills that their coach wants them to do in their routine with good form and position.
Dance Studio Tumbling
We visit Dance Studios and work with the dancers on their tumbling skills and position. The goal is to help them perform the skills that they put into their dances.
We will captivate the minds of your children and teach them skills they thought they could never learn.


Each class will be called in at its appropriate scheduled time by Dauntless Athletics staff. Students are to remain in the observation area until called in by our staff. No students are permitted in gym or waiting area, before or after class. Without a staff member present.

Parents are responsible for their children before and after class and must supervise all children in the lobby areas at all times.

Dauntless Athletics does have scheduled closures. Please refer to the annual calendar on the back of our welcome letter for the complete listing. Because some months we have 5 weeks of instruction, there will be NO pro-rated tuition for gym closures. We allow a vacation pro-rate in the months of June and July only (2 weeks maximum). Vacation pro-rate forms must be turned in by the beginning of the month in which the pro-rate occurs.

Withdrawal Policy: if you decided to withdrawal, you must notify the office in writing, 30 days prior to withdrawal. Withdrawal slips are available at the front office for your convenience. If notice is not received, you will continue to be charged.

If you encounter a problem or concern at the facility, please bring the problem to our attention. If you’d like to make an appointment with a manager, they can be arranged at our front office for privacy and to prevent the disruption of classes.