The Cubs

Classes for ages 3-4

Wednesday Mornings

  • Lion Cubs (3 -4 years old): 10:00 – 11:00 AM
Our Focus
Our Focus for the preschool classes will be to teach your children all the basics of gymnastics. We will be working on all events for boys and girls. Your child will not only be learning gymnastics but they will also be learning coordination, how to follow directions, and cooperation with peers. Have your preschooler join one of our Cub Classes at Dauntless!
Step 1 Evaluate


Your preschooler will develop better coordination and gain more control of their movements. This will help them establish a great deal of self-confidence.

Step 2 Breakdown


Our classes will help your child get better at following directions. Dauntless talented coaches will help your child focus and develop their listening skills.

Step 3 Spot It


Our Cub classes will improve your child’s social interaction and cooperation with peers.